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City Receives $500K in Funding for Boosting Tourism by Converting Traffic Signals to Spanish & French

April 1, 2016 (Amsterdam, NY) — With today’s announcement of the $145 billion state budget, the City of Amsterdam will receive $500K to convert its traffic signals from the ubiquitous English red, yellow, green lights to rojo, amarillo y verde, respectively,  as part of its effort...


Local Pundits Not Outraged at Raising City’s Debt or Taxing Senior Citizens Today Yet Totally Outraged Yesterday

Remember all the outrage at the city’s growing debt and constant outrage at any tax levy for its ostensible impact on seniors? Recall that if you ever want any improvement in quality of life — education, green space, livability — you simply cannot have it...


Council at Odds With Golf Commission — Must Be the Mayor’s Fault: Mayor Thane’s That is

In the least surprising development in the ongoing saga at the golf course (Majority of Golf Commission Resigns ): Ritter and Karutis said their resignations were spurred by a lack of support from elected officials. However, Swanger, who is president of the Fulton-Montgomery Community College,...